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How it works

From Booking to booth

  • To enquire about bookings for larger groups, corporate events and private hire options, please complete our booking enquiry form below, telling us as much as possible about your group event, party or celebration so we can design the best package for you!

  • Make sure to add your desired date and time-slot so we can ensure to check the booking availability. Please add into the notes if you have any alternative dates or times.

  • Our team will come back to you via email or phone-call to confirm availability, chat through time slots and ensure that they have all the relevant details. They will then send over a payment link to confirm your booking with key pre-visit information.

  • You're ready to start shooting!

On The Day:

  • We ask all guests to arrive at the venue (Haymarket Belfast, 84 Royal Avenue) 30 minutes prior to the start time to ensure that you are ready to ‘fire away’ as soon as your session starts (and maybe have a cheeky cocktail to get started!)

  • Our gun-hosts will take you to your dedicated booth and run through the short demo which includes how to use our guns and technology, what is in your personal armoury and how to master the skill of precision shooting.

  • Our gun-hosts will unlock the armoury and issue you with your hand pistol and rifle which is included in your package. You will be able to upgrade your guns at this point, to include the pump shotgun or M4 if you would like, for just £20 for the entire group.

  • A bank card must be provided by the lead booker to be secured locked in the armoury, which will be released once your booking is complete and all guns are returned safely.

  • Now it is time to start shooting! You and your competitors will take it in turns 1-by-1 to shoot out against our amazing simulations. Our serving team will be on hand to take a food and drinks order, delivered straight to your table.

  • Once finished, our gun host will do a quick debrief, lock up the guns and retrieve your secured bank card. You will then be able to move out into ‘The Haymarket Courtyard’ to enjoy some more post-activity drinks.

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